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Daily Calorie Intake

Calculate your caloric needs

At KESHRED, we will calculate your daily caloric needs and macros for you for FREE and provide you with a diet plan.

The daily calorie intake calculator estimates your daily calorie requirements in order to maintain, lose or gain weight based on your BMR (weight, height, age, and gender), physical exercise level and goal.

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Metric Imperial
Target Daily Caloric Intake
These calculations are based on averages.

Average calories in common Fruits

Food Size Calores
Apple 1 small 80
Banana 1 medium 101
Orange 1 71
Strawberry 1 cup 53

Average calories in common Foods

Food Size Calores
Bread 1 slice 75
Beef 1 slice 120
Egg large 79
Pizza 1 slice 180
Hamburger 1 280

Average calories in common Vegetables

Food Size Calores
Brocoli 1 cup 40
Carrots 1 cup 45
Eggplant 1 cup 38
Lettuce 1 cup 7

Average calories in common Beverages

Food Size Calores
Coca-cola 1cup 97
Diet Coke 1 cup 3
Milk, low-fat 1 cup 104
Milk 1 cup 150
Orange Juice 1 cup 115
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