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Khalid Keshta

Khalid Keshta is the founder and owner of Diabetes Sports Academy and Keshred. He is also a civil engineer, bodybuilder, certified personal trainer and nutritionist; but most importantly he has type-1 diabetes.

Khalid got diagnosed with type-1 in October 2011 on his birthday, at that time he used to be a football player that played for a lot of semi-professional clubs and two professional clubs.

Just before getting diagnosed, Khalid’s blood sugar levels were so high (reached 47mmol/l at one point) that he couldn’t cope with daily activities and his sports, that’s why when he got diagnosed he felt it was a blessing knowing what was wrong and felt revived again once he started taking insulin.

Unfortunately, 3 months after Khalid’s diagnosis, he broke his knee and ruptured his ligaments in a football charity tournament. After 2 unsuccessful operation, Khalid’s football career was over.

Khalid’s symptoms were just like any person with undiagnosed diabetes. Thirst, fatigue, excessive urination, lack of concentration, anger, short tempered and sometimes blurry vision is what made him take the step to check what was wrong, and he is thankful that he did so. In one of his interviews with JDRF, he said “Being diagnosed with diabetes is a true blessing. At least I know what is wrong and can treat it (not cure it). I also take diabetes as a motivation to all my work, I never take it as an excuse. Think about it, if you achieve something in your field as a diabetic, that will put you one step ahead of your competitors because diabetes is a 24/7 job that not a lot of people are aware off, and I am very happy and proud that I am able to manage it, achieve what I achieved and able to help others to do the same

Khalid couldn’t live without doing any sports, so he started hitting the gym hard and started studying the science behind exercising, nutrition and blood sugar levels, as he always believed that no one will understand your body more than YOU. After years of training, self-studying and earning certificates, Khalid decided to compete in bodybuilding to prove to people with diabetes that it is not an obstacle in one of the hardest sports. He did a few competitions and won them all, except one he was a runner up, and the last one he won was the Professional Division Classic Physique category in Miami Pro. He also made sure he installs his glucose sensor in his stomach (instead of his arm) to make it more visible. This was to motivate and encourage every person with diabetes and to raise awareness to people that don’t know what that sensor is.

As a diabetic, Khalid achieved the following:

  • Master degree in Civil Engineering
  • Level 4 Personal Training Certification
  • Level 4 Diabetes & Obesity Speciality Certification
  • Level 4 GP Referral PT Speciality Certification
  • Level 4 Nutrition For Weight Management & Athletic Performance (Qualified Nutrition Advisor)
  • CEX Nutrition Certificate
  • Certificates in several diabetes courses
  • Gold medals in bodybuilding shows
  • Playing football at a professional level
  • Successful career in construction
  • Owning a personal training company

His current career now is mainly managing Diabetes Sports Academy and training others with diabetes providing them with workout plans and diet plans that suit their (HIS) condition, this is done through Keshred and his social media accounts.

He also runs campaigns in English and Arabic to raise diabetes awareness. His social media accounts are:

  • Instagram: mrkeshta [English]
  • Youtube: Khalid Keshta [English & Arabic]
  • Facebook Page: Khalid Keshta – The Diabetic Coach [English]
  • Facebook: The Diabetic Coach –  السكر ليس عائق [Mainly Arabic]
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