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What is 5% Nutrition 5150?A pre-workout is designed to add juice to your training sessions; they deliver a potent cocktail of ingredients that aid your performance. Experience a surge in energy, reduced fatigue and sharpened focus, enabling you to push the boundaries of your personal best. 5150 from 5% Nutrition is a high-octane pre-workout, packed with powerful ingredients to amplify your training potential its a force to be reckoned with!5% Nutrition is founded by Rich Piana, a longstanding US bodybuilder. His brand is pioneered from decades of expertise, mixed with unyielding dedication. 5150 contains caffeine anhydrous, along with gurana, yerba mate and coffee bean extract to provide potent, lasting stimulation and hone mental focus. Niacin (vitamin B3) and l-citrulline function as precursors to nitric oxide (NO), resulting in increased blood flow and enviable muscle pumps. Beta-alanine which lends to that recognisable tingling sensation helps to produce muscle carnosine, which acts as a buffering agent, soaking up lactic acid that leads to muscle fatigue. The amino acid n-acetyl l-tyrosine been added, as its suggested to have a mood stabilising effect. Taurine is said to assist brain function, hydration levels and immune health in active persons; its classed as conditionally essential. 5150 is fortified with vitamin B12, which is helps to maintain a healthy nervous system, and is required to form red blood cells. With 5150, you have a rounded pre-workout solution that will propel you towards your goals whatever your current condition. Whats makes its formula special?|| In every scoop, you have a potent mix of ingredients designed to negate fatigue, increase stamina and improve focus. || A combination of caffeine and guarana, plus yerba mate and black coffee extracts offer notable, sustained stimulation. || Contains the powerful NO precursors, niacin and l-citrulline.|| Added n-acetyl l-tyrosine and taurine promote healthy brain function.|| With vitamin B12 to support the nervous system and red blood cell production. || Easy to mix with cold water in a shaker. || Available in a range of great flavours.How can 5% Nutrition 5150 help me reach my goals?Maybe you need that extra boost, or youre ready to raise the bar of accomplishment; heres where a pre-workout formulation is worth its weight in gold! 5150 was developed to super-charge your training session, accelerating results! Its formulated with components that can increase zeal, stamina and motivation, helping you to smash those targets!A dose of determination mixed with 5150 will pave the way for success!Who is 5% Nutrition 5150 suitable for?|| Dedicated gym fanatics looking for a powerful pre-training supplement.

Vitamin B3 (mg)30
Vitamin B12 (ug)1000
Vitamin B12 (ug)8000